Friday, 15 July 2016

New Term

While Term 2 was a whirlwind with so much going on both inside and out the classroom, along with the perparations for exams we didn't get much time to blog, So here are Ra'ees and Eljiah both giving me " the look " and basically implying

 " Mr Swindale you best get our photo's up and show the rest of the world just what we Grade 6s get up to " or something along those lines.

Term 3 is always an exciting Term with lot's on the go, we look forward to many exciting events like 
Winter Sports Day, Kommetjie Primary School's Talent show ( look out for us we've got something special planned ), Arts Week, Mandela Day, The paper Drive just to name a few.

Mr Gibbons

 Miss Angelina Saunders