Friday, 20 November 2015

Grade 6 P.E. Dance Lesson




27th NOVEMBER 2015


Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Would like to invite you to join us on the 19THof JUNE.
What better way to celebrate the end of the EXAMS and the end of Term Two, than by throwing a Disco party like no other.
For just R40, we will not only throw you a massive party but we will feed you too! 1x hot dog,1x cup of juice and 1x packet of the finest chips we can lay our hands on.
Time: 6pm – 8pm

Monday, 1 June 2015

One of the Happiest Moments of My Life

“My happiest moment was when I heard I was moving down to Cape Town. My mom went down to Port Elizabeth to have a holiday. When she came back she was always on the laptop. A month after she came back she told us that we were going to move. I was at first surprised. I asked my mom where we were going and she told me that we were moving to Cape Town. I was so happy that I started packing. When we had to move I was sad because I had to leave all my friends behind. When we were on the way I was still sad but when we got to Cape Town I was happy and that was one of the happiest moments of my life.” – Sarah Brink

“One of the happiest days of my life was when I was body boarding and all of a sudden one of my friends from Western Province told me that I was quite good at body boarding. We started talking and he said I should do Western Province trials but that I must also practice as hard as I can to perfect all of my tricks. Sadly, when the day came around I was not feeling completely confident. I know that the second time trials come around I will be ready.” – Lukas Hugo

Recently, not so long ago my brother, my dad and I were driving to a garage- BP at Longbeach to buy a gas tank. We had our dogs in the back of our bakkie and they were barking like mad and very excited. When we got to the garage we put the gas tank on and went off. My dad u-turned at the 4-way stop and we headed home. When we got home I looked around for my puppy but could not find her. I ‘asked’ my other dogs where she was but they obviously stayed silent, after all it was time for me to feed them. My dad didn’t pay much attention to the fact that I couldn’t find my puppy. My mom was frustrated as to how we could lose our puppy but anyway we went back to the petrol station to ask the attendants on duty if they had seen my puppy but they hadn’t seen her. When went back home disappointed. My mom was frustrated as to why we came back so early and asked if we had looked around and called. Well we didn’t so my mom took the bakkie and we left again! We got off by the garage and started calling my puppy’s name. We asked around but nobody had seen her. Some security guards asked why we were calling out , we answered them, they said they saw my puppy running across the road from MacDonalds and a lady was standing with her hand over her mouth. We looked, called out and finally saw my little pup. She looked so scared and then she noticed us after some time. The thought of her as a thin stray dog made my heart ache, but the fact that we found her after two hours and she was safe made me happy. Even though she could have ended up by Chapman’s Peak, but the fact that she was here now was important. She seemed so excited she even wet her pants. I’m so sad that she can’t go in the car with us again and she has to stay home or she may jump out the window again.” – Kuthemba Ndyalvan

“When I was eight years old I had a hamster named Hammi. She was three years old. I was playing with Nina my sister when my mom called me. I went downstairs and saw my hamster was dead. I was very sad and I cried for her. We buried her in the back garden in an egg box. I travelled to school the next day with my lifting partner. I told him about Hammi and he said he was sorry. After school he came to visit me with his mom. He had a box in his hands and said it was for me. My mom, Tyler (my lift partner) and his mom watched me open the box. It was filled with sawdust. Then something in the sawdust moved! I then saw a baby hamster! He or she was so cute that I burst into tears of happiness. Tyler said he bought him with his pocket money. That hamster was very special to me. I named him or her Stripe because there was a stripe on his/her back. She died two years later. When I opened that box it was one of the happiest moments of my life.” – Caelan Stephans

“Ok, so one of my happiest moments of my life is when I met this person in Langebaan. His favourite thing to do was to sail. This was during the December holidays, it was really early and I was on my dad’s boat and I saw him on his dad’s speed boat. He came to our boat and asked if I would like to go tubing with them. So I said “Yeah!” I hadn’t ever gone tubing but I thought it was going to be fun and it was. That afternoon we went looking for prawns and we had a prawn fight, it was really funny. We became best friends but then I remembered he lived in Joburg so it could only ever happen once a year. One morning I woke up and saw him. He said that he was going to a school in Cape Town. After that I visited him every weekend and those were the happiest moments of my life.” – Meg-Rose Mauve-Lawrence

“On my 10th birthday I went up the cable car with my two best friends, Chloe and Rigan. I had planned it since March and I was looking forward to it. We drooled over our sweets in the car and excitedly babbled about how we were going to have fun. We brought our tickets and waited happily. We then got escorted to the cable car and climbed on. It shook as it was climbing up the mountain. It was quite crowded and people kept pushing past us but I still enjoyed it. We jumped out and gasped at the view. We went to get a drink and went to the gift shop. We looked at postcards and fragile ornaments. We spied on tourists and climbed the rocky walls. We took photos of ourselves and played pranks on each other. We stood in a line for getting into the cable car again. A Chinese tourist behind us smiled and said “Hallo”. I said hello back but Chloe and Rigan were too busy laughing. She went into the gift store and all of us started laughing. We went back home and eagerly ate cake.” – Erin-Joy Williams

“On the 5th of August 2014 I woke up and I asked my dad where he was going, at first he ignored me and asked me if I had a teddy bear for him. I said yes and when I asked why he said that it was for the toy run. So I gave it to him and he left with one of his friends on their motorbikes. They were gone for the whole day. One of my mom’s friends came to visit for the whole day. I was riding my bike when my mom had run to the car and drove out the drive way. She never told me why. I soon found out when my dad came home in another car. He walked to his room and laid down on his bed, he had been in an accident. Blood was everywhere. My mom came back and drove him to the hospital. We got to visit him in the hospital the next day. To know he was okay was one of the happiest moments of my life.” – Rayne Brink

“The happiest moment of my life would probably be in Jemma’s swimming pool at her house. Their pool was small but heated and when it was smaller it felt big. We used to jump off the top of a wall into the water and climbed up from metal pipes in the wall or ‘shower’ in our swimming costumes under the spray of the water. It seems so long ago I only remember snippets of it, the bubbles and the way the world looks underwater, we used to play games with our sisters and try to swim away from them. We used to play underwater charades and speak to each other underwater. I don’t know why out of all my happy moments in my life I chose this, it just seems to be that nothing bad happened near that time and if bad things did happen, I don’t remember them. I wish I could go back to then.” – Miriam Grindley

“One of the happiest moments of my life would probably have to be when I woke up one day and I brushed my teeth, ate my breakfast, got dressed, shook my sister awake and when I woke my mom I told her “ We need to go to school now! Its 7:45” but she said calmly, “Ben it’s Sunday.” – Ben Kelly

“One morning on the 6th of May 2014 (my birthday), I woke up to see a bunch of presents sitting next to my bed. But one stuck out to me (the biggest one of course). But sadly I had to wait for about a half an hour till I was able to open it. Once that time was up I opened all the others first they were all great but the next one would change everything. When I opened it I found out that it was a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1”. I was so happy. That was one of the happiest moments of my life.” – Adam Coelen

“I set off to Australia all by myself. When I arrived I met lots of people for the first time. I stayed in Sidney first, it was extraordinary! One day I went to Sydney’s Beach-Bondi, the water was warm and clear, the hot sand was between my toes and the sun was bright. My cousin and I were going on the Bondi waterslides. The mats we were on led to a clear rock pool with multicoloured fish and exotic corals. We played with my frisby and built huge sandcastle with pink seaweed and lots of shells on top. Afterwards we went to Starbucks and a nice cool milkshake and that for me was a wonderful day.” – Lily Carman     

“The happiest moment I’ve had was when I first came to school. I was really nervous and I can’t remember much but I remember I was having fun and I played and watched movies. I was kind of sad when my parents left me. The teacher was very kind and she welcomed me with open arms. My fellow pupils were very friendly and even though I didn’t know anyone we got along very well. The school day wasn’t very long but it felt like ages, when my parents finally fetched me I was so excited. We went to a restaurant and then we went back home. I will always remember that day.” – Kieron Parris

“The best day ever was when I my dog and Adam were on a deserted island. Adam was lying on the sand under a palm tree stroking his leg hair. I could feel the fresh crispy air through my hair, the sand between my toes. I thought this will be one of the best days ever. We swam in the cool blue water, ate exotic fruits and played games. We made sand castles and had a sand ball fight. We listened to all the latest music and danced to it. We body boarded, fished and snorkeled. We saw green spotty fish, red ones and all of the coloured ones, but all things have to come to an end. We got picked up in a big silver boat and when I got home I thought we left Adam behind, oh well.” Aidan Coulthard

“Two months ago... As I walked in through the gate to my mom’s house my cousins rushed up to me and out of breathe they said “we have a new kitten!” A smile swept across my face and I immediately asked where it was. They took me by the arm and rushed me into the house and led me to a blocked off room where I stood in silence. I was so happy I could hardly speak. I asked my cousins what his name was and what did they say... Revron Mordecai. I looked at them and asked “Seriously?” and they said “Seriously!” I stepped over the boogie board that was blocking the way and went to pick him up. (Morde is what I call him now) He touched his light to mine. My cousins say that’s his way of saying I like you. Then he started licking me, from that day on he is my favourite companion that always comes looking for me, just like Patches once did." – Alyssa Mitchell

“One of the happiest moments of my life was when my aunts came down from Australia. They were only staying for two days but was worth seeing them. I’ve only ever seen them 3 times in my life. The emotions filled with me. We travelled all over the place with them. We made lots of memories. When they left I felt so sad. I was chilled though. I’ve met two of the most amazing role models ever. They gave me lots of presents, but their presence is all I ever asked for. Being so far away from most of your family is really hard, but you cherish every moment you get to spend with them. I will always remember the day I saw them step off the plane, to the time they were stepping back on it.” – Kate Alberts    

Monday, 11 May 2015

Study list for exams


·         Numbers
·         Operations
·         Place value
·         BODMAS
·         Expanded notation
·         Rounding off
·         Word sums
·         Prime numbers
·         Multiples
·         Types of fractions (common, improper, mixed, equivalent  and LCD
·         Time
·         Common fractions/ decimals/ percentages
·         1/3 of 24 etc.
·         Types of angles
·         Data handling: interpreting graphs
·         3D shapes
·         Square root
·         Symmetry
·         Long division
·         Decimal fractions
·         Capacity & volume
·         Subject verb agreement
·         Format of a newspaper article
·         Types of nouns
·         Punctuation
·         Synonyms/ antonyms
·         Stereotypes
·         Conjunctions
·         Simple & complex sentences
·         Idioms and proverbs
·         Direct and reported speech
·         Format of a friendly letter
·         Alliteration
·         Similes
·         Metaphors
·         Personification
·         Format of a recipe
·         How to write a book review
·         Prefix & suffix
·         Subject and predicate
·         Types of verbs
·         Hemisphere
·         Continents
·         Major oceans
·         Lines of latitude
·         The African continent: countries + capitals
·         Scale
·         Calculating distance on a map
·         Using co-ordinates to find a location on a map
·         Imports & exports
·         Raw materials
·         Manufacturing products
·         trade
·         changes in society in the Limpopo Valley 900 AD – 1300AD
·         Mapungubwe
·         Great Zimbabwe
·         Marco polo
·         Bartholomeu Dias
·         Vasco Da Gama
·         Renaissance
·         Journeys of Dias & Da Gama
·         Leonardo Da Vinci
·         Galileo Galilei
Natural Science
Life Skills
·         Photosynthesis
·         Plants and air
·         Food groups
·         Starch (including test)
·         Deficiency diseases
·         Ecosystems
·         Processing foods
·         Solids liquids & gases
·         Food webs
·         All experiments & sketches
·         Volume & mass
·         Water pollution
·         Importance of wetlands
·         Peer pressure
·         Time management
·         Types of bullying
·         Rites of passage
·         Cultural rites and their importance
·         Understanding world religions