Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Some new faces

We've got some new faces in the class this year

Montanna Berry has joined us again

Mr Max Watson

Mr Zion Wright

The lovely little Miss Tallulah Keyster

Our class has been wonderful with making them feel part of the family and we hope that their time at our school will only be filled with hard work and wonderful memories

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The start of what looks like a wonderful year.

Over the last four weeks the class has been introduced to several new topics and it's been incredibly exciting for both Mr Weber and myself to see how the class has taken to this new knowledge. We recently just completed the ANA's that have left an indication as to area's of challenge as well as areas of strength. The class dynamics are an ever changing adventure and every new day lies ahead a journey in which we all set upon and all finish. It is set to be an incredible year for the class, with the wonderful guidance and leadership of Mr Weber we'll all get what needs to be finshed and prepared for the next chapter of the story

Above are some pictures of the kids constructing their ancient artefacts using paper mache that were later sprayed gold and are now currently on display in the foyer for the rest of the school to have a look at. This "class project" ties in with what they are currently learning in history with regards to the ancient civilisation of Mapungubwe.

I look forward to "trying" to document as much as I can of the kids grade six year and sharing the journey with you through our blog.